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Welcome to College Chat here at college teen chat. College Chat for college students aged 18-25 and is a great place to meet other college going teens. College Chat is always popular with lots of college teens looking to make new friends and chat the night away. College Teen Chat is one of the most popular college teen chat websites on the internet today. Also, college chat is moderated for scammers and abusers. However, if you feel you need to report a scammer or abuser in our college chat chat room, you can either contact us via email or you can join our help chat and speak to a live college teen chat staff member.

A few rules to remember at college teen chat:

1.) Never give out any personal information in our chat rooms.
2.) Do not flood the chat room with text.
3.) Do not advertise other web sites, chat rooms, etc.
4.) Do not abuse other members of the chat room, please just be curteous!

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